Hiring a Professional Organizer...Worth It?

Of course I'm biased BUT it's so hard to have perspective when it comes to your home's disorder. Clutter and chaos happens for a reason, and those reasons are often emotional. It really helps to have an objective professional see the forrest for the trees. In this way, being a professional organizer is much like being a therapist. You must have reverence for your client's things and recognize what is special to them vs. what is hindering their emotional well being.

Not everyone's brain works this way! I've noticed that so many intelligent, successful people have disorganized homes because not only do they not have the time or the energy but they also simply do not know where to start or how to create a structured system. For some reason I DO. I 'm addicted to bad T.V., have a terrible sense of direction, can't do a lick of math, and yet the craft of organizing is second nature. It's a compulsion!

Anyhoozle, give yourself permission to ask for help where you need it. You deserve to have a home you can relax in!