Organizing on a Budget

The average garage organization includes a conservative product budget of $500, that's the low end.

The average pantry is about $300. The garage? $600-$1000.

My point is, it costs more than you think.

If you have the means, really think about investing in your home with organizing products, you will use them for the rest of your life, and they pay for themselves ten times over.

For real. I have never donated, trashed or recycled an organizing product. 

However, you can totally McGiver this stuff! Let's discuss the everyday (practically free) items that can help you create order:

Paper towel rolls:

Use them to wrangle cords, string lights, pens, etc. Plus they are great for crafts.


Rubber bands:

Again, great for wrapping around Wiley cords. I also wrap them around hangers to keep my silkier blouses from slipping off, keeping packages sealed, keep rolls from unspooling, 


shoe boxes: 

I used to paint old shoe boxes with gold multi-surface paint and then doodle them up like cartoon luggage. It was fun, masked the logos, and offered a place for me to put photos, cards, and little items that I didn't need everyday. 

these three items are the work horses of organizing for free! It's always gratifying to find new uses for old things. What do you organize with that is free or cheap?