The Four Hour Fix

I am SO excited to introduce my new consultation service, The Four Hour Fix!

The idea originated when a client mentioned that she just wanted someone to come and help her purge her bedroom/closet and then suggest how to organize the remainder of her stuff. 

"It's like how someone need a personal trainer to help them exercise and motivate them, or a nutritionist. I need an organizing coach." 

Thusly, the four hour fix was born!

I have found that within four hours you can get a significant amount done if you concentrate on one area or category. That day I coached her, and her husband, through the process of letting go. It's not necessarily easy.

As I have mentioned before, the attachment we feel to objects often outweighs our own personal well being. The obligation we feel to each thing is imaginary but powerful. It makes your environment totally claustrophobic. Your home shouldn't feel that way.  

By the end of the four hours we had filled countless boxes with clothes, shoes and accessories. I would estimate that they purged about 70% of their things. After that, I was able to consult on a new organizing system and products that would help them achieve their organizing goals, and sustain them. Personally, I find nothing more thrilling that getting rid of stuff, and to see my clients excited by it as well is just the cherry on top!

Each Client who books a four hour fix gets a personalized list of guidelines that are specific to them. People purge differently: Some hoard based on memories, some are going through a major life change, etc.

So, in short: this service is not the Full Fix Treatment. But it IS an affordable version that really is productive and enlightening. 


Game Changer : The Clothing Valet

Most people I know (including myself), Usually go through 1-2 pairs of clothing a day (okay I go through way more than that but this isn't about me). One outfit it loungewear and the other is public clothing. One or both tend to stay relatively clean (unless you're me, and you manage to spill your coffee on your front every. single. morning). Who wants to fold and put away either outfit once a day, when you know you're just going to wear it again in a few hours or sooner? 

the outfit ends up on the floor or slung over a chair or bed. It's not a good look. And for some reason, a tiny pile of clothes always seems to multiply and grow with breathtaking swiftness. It's a weird law of attraction thing .

How to avoid this particular 1st world problem? 

 A Gentleman's Clothing Valet, but of course.

As you can see, a clothing valet comes in all different forms, and would probably make a really fun weekend DIY project! However, it is well worth shelling out a little bit of money to have a clean floor and wrinkle-free clothes.  I recommend placing a full-length mirror and a few shout wipes nearby.

New Years Resolution: Get Organized!

Consider these New Years Resolutions instead of the perfunctory "get healthy":

1.) Purge anything that does not spark joy. 

2.) Devote time to organizing small sections of your home daily, or weekly.

The first resolution is the credo of celebrated organizer, Marie Kondo, who encourages her clients to keep only those items that make you happy, even if it's an old t-shirt. 

Kondo also recommends you organize your entire home all at once. But, as you can see from the second resolution, I don't necessarily agree with that approach. Why? Because it's overwhelming for most people, and sometimes tackling a small area first is not only more manageable, but creates more space in your psyche.

For example, the first thing I ever organized was my bookshelf.

(it's about to get personal.)

I was at a really dark place in my life. Sometimes I wouldn't get out of bed for days, during which I would stare at a bookshelf in my room.  Bills and books littered its shelves like rubble. The rest of my room was a disaster too, but this damn bookshelf was right in my eye line. The more I looked at it the more it grated on me.

One day, something overtook me. I tore everything off of it, washed it and began to cull items from my home to fill it out, then I added a personal filing system on the bottom. 

 It was just a small thing but looking at it made ignited this little flame of peace. It was kind of like a portal to another world. Energetically, something had shifted. Not only in my space, but also in me. I began to take on larger projects. I cultivated an interest in Feng Shui and applied its principles to my home (a total game-changer, more on this later!)

Two (three?) years later and I am still addicted to the meditative quality of organizing. I consider it to be just as important as a balanced diet and exercise. It all started with tiny steps like the bookshelf.

Your home should be a place where your mind is clear and your soul is content. If this isn't the case then take some time to give it some love. When you do, it will love you back.