Game Changer : The Clothing Valet

Most people I know (including myself), Usually go through 1-2 pairs of clothing a day (okay I go through way more than that but this isn't about me). One outfit it loungewear and the other is public clothing. One or both tend to stay relatively clean (unless you're me, and you manage to spill your coffee on your front every. single. morning). Who wants to fold and put away either outfit once a day, when you know you're just going to wear it again in a few hours or sooner? 

the outfit ends up on the floor or slung over a chair or bed. It's not a good look. And for some reason, a tiny pile of clothes always seems to multiply and grow with breathtaking swiftness. It's a weird law of attraction thing .

How to avoid this particular 1st world problem? 

 A Gentleman's Clothing Valet, but of course.

As you can see, a clothing valet comes in all different forms, and would probably make a really fun weekend DIY project! However, it is well worth shelling out a little bit of money to have a clean floor and wrinkle-free clothes.  I recommend placing a full-length mirror and a few shout wipes nearby.