Game-Changer: An Organized Entryway

How familiar does this scenario sound: You get home from work. You're carrying grocery bags, your mail, your to-go cup, dry cleaning and you really, REALLY have to pee. You drop the stuff and dash to the bathroom. The groceries will get put away, and the other items may or may not make their way to their proper spots.

At the end of the week you have an overwhelming pile of mail that seems like a one hour project, a to-go cup with some moldy coffee, and crumpled up (reusable) grocery bags that you keep meaning to put in your car but keep forgetting which leads to you using plastic or paper bags, and now you feel guilty because you had a new years resolution to cut out waste.


Yeah. Been there. Fix it with a few simple upgrades to your entryway.

1.) A bench to sit down at when you first walk in the door. Some people may prefer to have a table to set stuff down on but I think that a table tends to be a crap collectior. If you choose a bench that does not have storage (like the one below) pick up some sweet bins or baskets to store beneath it. they can collect your shoes (I rip mine off the second I walk though the door), and reusable grocery bags.

2.) Vertical storage baby! Hooknooks, Hanging mail organizers, and floating shelves will help you keep stuff off the ground and in an easy-to-reach place. I would throw some stylin' labels on the mail folders. Also KEEP A PAPER SHREDDER in your entryway. It will help you immensely in keeping paper chaos to a minimum

Allllll the accessories are simply meant to help you and your guests feel the vibe of your home. A lot of people choose to put a mirror in the entryway for last minute visage checks, or a chalkboard to jot down notes to family members. I like to put artwork or a graphic print that reminds me to be a bad-ass. The rest of these accessories are supposed to  further aid in corralling those little items like lip balm, sunglasses, loose change, checks. You know...annoying stuff.

***this is particular post is based on MY needs and My life. I'm a single female. People with families or Couples will very well likely have different product needs- but these are the basic necessities: verticle storage, paper shredder, bench. BOOM.