DIY organizing craft project

I've been in a really crafty mood lately. And, I had seen this on pinterest: 

I loved the whimsical, lisa frank-ish color scheme, so I translated it into something I actually needed more of: small storage boxes. 

The end result looked like this (please keep in mind I'm an AMATEUR crafter) 

photo (9).JPG

I used basic tape to do both of these designs. For the top box, (which I loving refer to as the Confetti box) I actually used adhesive stenciling paper and a craft knife. That is the method I will be showing you today. However, I prefer just using simple tape. For some reason it just looks better when you're making geometric shapes. 


god, sorry for the awful pictures! So embarassing... the supplies was all from Michaels. The cork box (which I can't find a link to, was $6. The craft knife was $6, adhesive stencil paper was $10.

Michael's has great coupons every sunday so I used those to make it a cheap project. I firmly believe craft projects shouldn't break the bank. Apply the film and cut little triangle and square shapes, peeling them off as you go. Paint over these spots, let dry...and then, voila! On the sides I switched to the tape method. Let me know if your curious about that.

All in all I was super fun, I made a bunch and now they hold those annoying little items like cords and batteries I need to recycle. 

Tubular. Great talk.