The Four Hour Fix

I am SO excited to introduce my new consultation service, The Four Hour Fix!

The idea originated when a client mentioned that she just wanted someone to come and help her purge her bedroom/closet and then suggest how to organize the remainder of her stuff. 

"It's like how someone need a personal trainer to help them exercise and motivate them, or a nutritionist. I need an organizing coach." 

Thusly, the four hour fix was born!

I have found that within four hours you can get a significant amount done if you concentrate on one area or category. That day I coached her, and her husband, through the process of letting go. It's not necessarily easy.

As I have mentioned before, the attachment we feel to objects often outweighs our own personal well being. The obligation we feel to each thing is imaginary but powerful. It makes your environment totally claustrophobic. Your home shouldn't feel that way.  

By the end of the four hours we had filled countless boxes with clothes, shoes and accessories. I would estimate that they purged about 70% of their things. After that, I was able to consult on a new organizing system and products that would help them achieve their organizing goals, and sustain them. Personally, I find nothing more thrilling that getting rid of stuff, and to see my clients excited by it as well is just the cherry on top!

Each Client who books a four hour fix gets a personalized list of guidelines that are specific to them. People purge differently: Some hoard based on memories, some are going through a major life change, etc.

So, in short: this service is not the Full Fix Treatment. But it IS an affordable version that really is productive and enlightening.