New Years Resolution: Get Organized!

Consider these New Years Resolutions instead of the perfunctory "get healthy":

1.) Purge anything that does not spark joy. 

2.) Devote time to organizing small sections of your home daily, or weekly.

The first resolution is the credo of celebrated organizer, Marie Kondo, who encourages her clients to keep only those items that make you happy, even if it's an old t-shirt. 

Kondo also recommends you organize your entire home all at once. But, as you can see from the second resolution, I don't necessarily agree with that approach. Why? Because it's overwhelming for most people, and sometimes tackling a small area first is not only more manageable, but creates more space in your psyche.

For example, the first thing I ever organized was my bookshelf.

(it's about to get personal.)

I was at a really dark place in my life. Sometimes I wouldn't get out of bed for days, during which I would stare at a bookshelf in my room.  Bills and books littered its shelves like rubble. The rest of my room was a disaster too, but this damn bookshelf was right in my eye line. The more I looked at it the more it grated on me.

One day, something overtook me. I tore everything off of it, washed it and began to cull items from my home to fill it out, then I added a personal filing system on the bottom. 

 It was just a small thing but looking at it made ignited this little flame of peace. It was kind of like a portal to another world. Energetically, something had shifted. Not only in my space, but also in me. I began to take on larger projects. I cultivated an interest in Feng Shui and applied its principles to my home (a total game-changer, more on this later!)

Two (three?) years later and I am still addicted to the meditative quality of organizing. I consider it to be just as important as a balanced diet and exercise. It all started with tiny steps like the bookshelf.

Your home should be a place where your mind is clear and your soul is content. If this isn't the case then take some time to give it some love. When you do, it will love you back. 

Home Organizing Products

What exactly are the essential products you need when it comes to organizing your home?

The first way I determine that is to observe how your home is used.  For example, do your kids mostly end up playing in the living room vs. their room or their play room? Are you stressing out about organizing their toys? To me, that situation would be easily solved with rolling bins. You're home needs to work with you, not against you! Integration = sustainability, what I mean by that is you can organize your home all you want but if the system isn't customized for your lifestyle then it won't last.

So here are the three must-have organizing products.

1.) Do not underestimate the humble storage bin/basket/hamper. They strike that perfect balance between style and function. Here are a few of my favorites.

2.) LABELS. It's easy for me to OD on labels. Once, I actually caught myself labeling a roll of toilet paper. I've calmed down since then, but i still find that I would be lost without them. How else are you supposed to identify chia vs. poppy seeds??

3.) I'm all about vertical organizing. The less stuff on the ground the better. Make good use of your wall space and employ the trusty hook.

Of course there are so many cool products and solutions out there for organizing. Don't worry...I'll get to those!

Hiring a Professional Organizer...Worth It?

Of course I'm biased BUT it's so hard to have perspective when it comes to your home's disorder. Clutter and chaos happens for a reason, and those reasons are often emotional. It really helps to have an objective professional see the forrest for the trees. In this way, being a professional organizer is much like being a therapist. You must have reverence for your client's things and recognize what is special to them vs. what is hindering their emotional well being.

Not everyone's brain works this way! I've noticed that so many intelligent, successful people have disorganized homes because not only do they not have the time or the energy but they also simply do not know where to start or how to create a structured system. For some reason I DO. I 'm addicted to bad T.V., have a terrible sense of direction, can't do a lick of math, and yet the craft of organizing is second nature. It's a compulsion!

Anyhoozle, give yourself permission to ask for help where you need it. You deserve to have a home you can relax in!